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If you are visiting this page, chances are that you are here because you are a parent, carer or teacher who knows a child who is struggling to manage their anxiety and you're looking for a way to help them. 

What makes the STILL Method so great is that the programme can be scaled up or down, depending on how old the children are, or how many are participating. It even works in groups where the children are of different ages, so it's a perfect fit for youth clubs and after school clubs. 

Regardless of whether we are in a group or working 1:1, the STILL Method runs for six sessions. This fun and engaging programme will create a shared space that encourages the children to participate, reflect, contribute their thoughts and feelings to the discussions, laugh and feel energised. The brilliance of the STILL Method is that it nurtures confidence and resilience in a way that motivates a child to want to be part of the shared experience. As the programme leader, I will always accept a child just the way they are, and will never expect a child to participate in any way that makes them feel uncomfortable. The child decides when and how to engage, on their terms. 

Further down the page, you will more detailed information about what the STILL Method programme is about and how I can support the children you care for. 

You will also find the relevant administrative essentials, which evidence how I comply with health and safety requirements, ensure that I am up to date with safeguarding certification, and that my business is sufficiently covered with indemnity and liability insurance. 

So, what actually happens in the STILL Method Programme? 

Session 1

This session is designed to help the child develop an understanding of what anxiety is and how it forms. During the first session they will be introduced to techniques which give them control of overwhelming emotions. 


Session 2

The child will be encouraged via visual aids, to talk about emotions and feelings in others and then recognise some of those states in themselves. This session focuses on building confidence. 


Session 3

In the first part, the session games are played, exploring confidence and how that feels. The second part of the hour introduces states of anxiety and how to recognise them. They will then learn how to use state changing activities.


Session 4

By session 4, they will be encouraged to share their experiences. The session ends with a short, guided meditation, which encourages the use of holding onto and recreating positive emotions.


Session 5

Two techniques are introduced. One encourages listening to physical feelings and grounding, whilst the second supports them in learning how to reframe negative thought processes. The session aims to allow the child to have the tools to control their own happiness.


Session 6

In the final session, we will revisit the techniques and interventions learned in previous weeks, whilst being encouraged to explore the learning. The session closes with exercises which encourage them to build up their confidence around giving and receiving compliments, which is an ability that is fundamental in building self-esteem.    

Teacher and Pupil


I love running the STILL Method for groups, but I also recognise that it doesn't suit everyone. For children who need a slightly less stimulating environment, the STILL Method is just as effective when taught this way.

My fee for working 1:1 with a child is £290 for six sessions. These can either be held over a period of six weeks, or for older children there is the option to run three sessions, each lasting two hours. 

Children Embracing in Circle


In groups is where you really start to see the STILL Method shine. 

Groups can be booked to run during school hours, or they also work brilliantly at youth clubs, holiday clubs and activity centres.

Each STILL Method group can have a maximum of 10 children join. My fee for running group sessions is £800, inclusive of all time and materials. 
That works out as roughly £13 per student, per session. 

For long-standing clients, I offer a 5% discount on any repeat bookings, and a 10% discount on block bookings of two or more STILL Method groups.

Caring Child


When you place your trust in us to nurture and protect a child's mental well-being, STILL Method coaches know how valuable that trust is and we take our safeguarding responsibilities extremely seriously. 

I regularly work with a wide range of children, and have extensive experience in working with children who have been identified as vulnerable or as having a special educational need or disability. I ensure that relevant training is kept up to date and I have completed the NSPCC's safeguarding and child protection training. My most up-to-date certificate of completion can be seen by clicking the link. 

Image by guy stevens


As a responsible business owner, I have always held professional indemnity and liability insurance with substantial cover in case it's ever needed for a rainy day. Thankfully, it never has been.



It isn't always easy to support an anxious child. You need to be Sherlock Holmes, forever trying to detect the deeply hidden issue. You need to be Wonder Woman; strong enough to step in and offer help, and strong enough to know when you need to step back and let them work it out themselves. And lastly, you need the skin of a rhino - tough enough to deflect any misplaced anger or hurt directed your way. 

This section contains some of the STILL Method's tried and tested top tip's for helping children to develop their resilience.