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  • 6 hours
  • 290 British pounds
  • Can be run online or at an agreed location

Service Description

The booking fee of £290 will cover a total of x6 one hour sessions, which are spread over a six week period. Alternatively, they can be run as x3 two hour sessions. Once dates are confirmed, I will send out a payment link. Session 1 This session is designed to help you develop an understanding of what anxiety is and how it forms. During the first session you will be introduced to techniques which give you control of overwhelming emotions. Session 2 You will be encouraged via visual aids, to talk about emotions and feelings in others and then recognise some of those states in yourself. This session focuses on building confidence. Session 3 In the first part, the session games are played, exploring confidence and how that feels. The second part of the hour introduces states of anxiety and how to recognise them. You will then learn how to use state changing activities. Session 4 By session 4, you will be encouraged to share your experiences. The session ends with a short, guided meditation, which encourages the use of holding onto and recreating positive emotions. Session 5 Two techniques are introduced. One encourages listening to physical feelings and grounding, whilst the second supports you in learning how to reframe negative thought processes. The session aims to allow you to have the tools to control your own happiness. Session 6 In the final session, we will revisit the techniques and interventions learned in previous weeks, whilst being encouraged to explore the learning. The session closes with exercises which encourage you to build up your confidence around giving and receiving compliments, which is an ability that is fundamental in building self-esteem.