The majority of my work takes place within London and Essex, but I am always happy to discuss assignments further afield.

I have experience of interpreting in the following domains:

  • Community: medical and DWP appointments, immigration 

  • Platform: conferencespresentations, AGM's, lectures, road shows, politics, live streaming, public talks

  • Education: primary, secondary, further education, higher education and professional qualifications, needs assessments

  • Employment: Access to Work, interviews, training, supervision, appraisals, disciplinary meetings, telephone interpreting, office support

  • Mental Health: assessments, therapy sessions, counselling, training, follow up appointments, advocacy

  • Legal: solicitors appointments, case conferences, out of court interpreting

  • Social Services: family interviews, crisis intervention, mediation, safeguarding, child protection, mentoring

  • Corporate and Entertainment: parties, networking, team building, excursions

  • Remote Interpreting: Video Relay Service, Access To Work assignments

I am often contacted with requests for translation work. Whilst I am happy to undertake ad hoc translation work during the course of my working day; anything requiring a more time intensive piece of translation such as translating a piece of set text into British Sign Language should be done by a Registered Sign Language Translator (RSLT) - They are often native BSL users who are fluent in English and they will have undertaken post-graduate level training for their role. A registered translator can be sourced from the NRCPD website.