Below you will find my fees, with the added caveat that these are mystandard fees and prices may change depending on the type of assignment:

My minimum call out fee is £140 for a booking of up to three hours. This is my standard call out fee whether you book me for 30 minutes or for three hours. My full day fee is £280.

I block out my working day and I charge a half day fee for work that falls in either a morning or afternoon slot; anything that crosses over will automatically incur a full day fee because it limits my capacity to source work either side of that booking.

My fee for evening work is £180 for up to three hours. This is my standard fee whether you book me for 30 minutes or for three hours. My definition of evening work includes any booking that finishes after 6pm.

I do not charge weekend premiums and my fees usually remain the same for work on Saturday or Sunday.

Where possible, I will try and match Access to Work budgets. 

All of my fees are inclusive of travel charges and any quote given takes into account my travel time and preparation time. If I feel an assignment requires a significant amount of travel or preparation time above a normal assignment, we can discuss this before confirming me.

I am prepared to negotiate my fee for charities, small businesses or for organisations who may have a small budget.

I occasionally accept work on a pro bono basis; this is usually for community or charity bookings where there is no budget available, and other people are also giving up their time for free.

I have a circle of experienced colleagues I am happy to liaise with for work. If you need more than one interpreter for an event, I am able to source co-workers at no extra charge. In addition, if there is an assignment that I am unable to accept, I am able to recommend another interpreter.

Once the assignment has been completed, I will endeavour to send you my invoice on the same day, with payment expected within 28 days .